USCM Multipart Marines

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USCM Multipart Marines


The USCM, or ‘Colonial Marines’ as they are better known, are the United Americas ‘force in readiness’.

Their specialism in fighting on far-flung planets for extended periods of time and their constant state of readiness

means that wherever the fight is, they are prepared to meet it. Hardened more often by intense training rather

than the battlefield, the Colonial Marines are still a force to be reckoned with due to a huge arsenal of weapons

and a sizable space fleet in support. Irrespective of the cache of armaments the Colonial Marines are entitled

to, it is the M41A MK2 pulse rifle that is synonymously associated with them due to their affinity for the weapon.

Marine fire teams will often choose to augment their killing potential, often selecting M56 smartguns or M260B

flamethrowers, to provide heavier firepower.



The duty of the Colonial Marine Corps is quite simple; they are expected to maintain security for the United

Americas and all off-world colonies that fall under the United America’s control.

This involves being the vanguard of any major combat operation, and quite often minor ones too. Fundamentally,

when there is a crisis, the Colonial Marines are the first port of call.



Every platoon of Colonial Marines is a balanced force of combat, at its best consisting of 25 members including

2 Synthetics. It is usually asking a bit much to see a full fighting force of Colonial Marines, a concept hindered by

the more fundamental concept of constant combat readiness. Every formation of Colonial Marines is a band of

brothers, usually led by an officer. It is also held together by close bonds formed during extreme combat training

exercises and strength of character. This comradeship can be seen in not only the way they fight together, but

also in the graffiti adorning every soldier’s multi-cam combat gear.


Box contains:


5x USCM Multipart Marines

5x plastic base

5x ping tokens

5x stat cards