Alien King

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Alien King


Among the largest, and most terrifying, biologics that an alien hive can bring to bear upon its enemies, is a creature dubbed the Monstrosity or “King” xenomorph. Towering several stories over its smaller brethren, this creature shakes the ground wherever it goes, causing small localized earthquakes in its wake. Near impervious to small arms fire, wounds dealt to it are regenerated almost instantly. It has been noted that when it eats its victims, its alien healing power actually speeds up, knitting even the most terrible wounds back together.



At range, it can project a huge ball of acid which if it hits even a target that is dug in, will melt them to little more than a puddle of matter. When it gets in close, it will unleash a screech, killing its initial enemies and then rush in with surprising speed for a creature of its size. Its gigantic claws and long tail are able to tear tanks and infantry to pieces in equal measure. Luckily, only a handful of such creatures found in the largest xenomorph hives, has ever been catalogued by human scientists.


Shipping of this product starts 16th of April 2018.


Box contains:


1x multipart resin Alien King model


1x "The Bug Hunt Gamemode" booklet in English language

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