D&D Notebook and Pencil

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D&D Notebook and Pencil
The adventurers finally broke through to the thirteenth basement of the Hope-Culler's Crypt. Soon, the monster would be slain and the kingdom at peace. All that was before them was a massive door with a dozen locks, awaiting keys hidden throughout the dungeon!

"Are you kidding!? Twenty-three sessions in and we have to go back through every floor to find what we missed!?"

Don't be the players caught by surprise, forced to pore through loose notes and 3-word phrases. With this Dungeons & Dragons Notebook and Pencil combo, you have all you need to keep your ideas together. Grid pages for maps, lined pages for notes, and stellar D&D-style imagery keeps your game on point!

Items Included:
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Notebook and pencil
200 lined pages
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