Goth Elite Cavalry

Σε Απόθεμα/Άμεση παραλαβή

This product contains twelve multi-part plastic Goth Elite Cavalrymen mounted on fully cataphract armoured horses.

Inside you will find parts to assemble 12 finely-detailed armoured cavalry, fighting with either spear, sword or axe, suitable for use in Swordpoint. The box also includes dracos for conversion purposes. These figures make an excellent centre-piece for your Goth army or aliies for Late Romans. Parts from this box are compatible with most parts from all our other box sets so you can do many, many conversions. 

For SAGA, this box contains 3 points of Goth Hearthguard mounted on Cataphract horse. Please note, if using these for your SAGA warband, you will need to get some 25x50mm bases.

Please note, the bodies are the same as those in GBP21, Goth Nobles.

Gripping Beast